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Are Medical Shows Good For Your Health?

November 20, 2007

You wake up tired, put in a miserable day at work, fight rush-hour traffic and walk in the door to find your dog has dismantled the living-room sofa. By now your gastrointestinal tract is in shambles and you have a raging headache—time to reach for an aspirin and a little face time with McDreamy.

While a house call from Patrick Dempsey may not cure your headache, it can’t hurt.

If you suspect that primetime medical shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, House and ER are good for what ails you then you might be right—and not just because an hour spent gazing into McSteamy’s blue eyes has the same analgesic effect as a morphine drip. Read the rest of this entry>>

Health and Fitness [MSN]

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