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Microrobot Made In Korea Able To Travel In Our Blood Vessels

November 25, 2007
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Robots that will cure the body from inside have always been dreamed of. The benefits of such a technology are specific targeting of drugs, and long lasting treatment that has very little side-effects. All these goals may now be achieved thanks to the Korean team’s development. 

The robot’s skeleton is made of a biocompatible and elastic material (PDMS- polydimethylsiloxane) and the engine is basically a heart muscle tissue grafted of the skeleton. The robot has a rectangular body and six legs, three on each end. The front three legs are short (400 micrometers long) and the three rear legs are longer (1200 micrometer long). When the robot’s muscle contracts it bends the long front legs. This creates more friction on the rear legs than on the front legs, causing the robot to move. The average speed of the robot is  100 micrometers per second, meaning it can pass a distance of 50 meters in a week. The robot’s engine is powered by sugars, oxygen and other nutrients present in the blood. 

Microrobots to Travel In Our Blood Vessels [tfot]

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