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How To Get Rid Of $35 000 In Debt

December 5, 2007
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FROM: lifehacker: Personal finance writer J.D. Roth is walkin’ the walk over at his site Get Rich Slowly, where he just celebrated eliminating $35,000 worth of debt. That’s 35 THOUSAND DOLLARS, people. It took him 20 three years of being committed to new habits, like setting goals, tracking every penny he spent, lowering expenses, and bringing in extra income. Check out his full post for the way becoming debt-free changed his career, too. Congratulations, J.D.! What an incredible accomplishment.

Free at Last! Saying Good-Bye to 20 Years of Debt [Get Rich Slowly]

After I finished this posting I found another excellent article about debt and how to get rid of it. Definitely studying for USMLE exams is not only nerve racking, but money consuming. USMLE is a huge gap for your budget. Just think about it. How many years after graduation (especially for the IMGs) you have to study and work at the same time. The problem is that you can’t really work full time hours and prepared well for the exams. So, the only way to survive is to control very well your expenses and set up realistic goals and plans, and of course following the plans you have. So, whenever you have time, check this out:

Any Mint reader who finds themselves stuck under a mountain of consumer or credit card debt understands the anxiety involved with owing money. Over half of American families with credit cards report having at least some debt, so what can you do to lift that weight off your shoulders?

You may be surprise to hear this, but axing that debt is actually a very simple thing to do (it’s just not always easy).

How To: Tackle Your Debt in Five Simple Steps [mint]     Photo by quaziefoto

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