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December 28, 2007

Today was the first time in my life when I see the Ocean. It was very exciting experience, despite the fact that it was the coldest day for the year in LA. On all the pictures we took I am with my Toronto’s winter jacket, and to be honest I haven’t felt that much cold in Canada. Probably because in LA they don’t heat the malls and the houses.  I got the chance to visit one hospital and spoke to some of my family members who live in LA, and kind of orientate myself more for the health care system in US. Still don’t know which one is better, the Canadian one (everybody can get access to the system, but everybody can abuse it too) or the US one (kind of tough sometimes especially for people who didn’t take good care of their insurances). Probably there is no such thing as perfect health care system or perfect country.

We ate a lot of oysters at Redondo Beach (who cares about HAV or Vibrio Vulnificus), a whole crab (they give you a wooden hammer to break the shells), clam chowder soup, and the cold Dos Equis beer completed the meal.

Unfortunately I couldn’t see Red Hot Chili Peppers in LA, probably because the band members are not that hot and chili in cold weather.

If we have time, may be we can drop by “LA Ink” to take some pictures. When I was younger I was thinking about getting a tattoo, but I don’t feel like having one anymore. Guess why? I am getting older…hehehe! And by the way the guy on the picture is not me. He is a real crabathlon contestant as you can see on the picture.

Photo by matt2thewatt

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