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Rate Your Doctor

January 10, 2008
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Have you been to your family physician with angina symptoms and after the check up you were sent home with the diagnosis, that you eat too much salt and you are overweight with 20 pounds.

Have you seen a specialist making the diagnosis for 15 seconds just looking at you, without doing any basic check up or laboratory tests?

Have you been in situation when the doctors saves your life and give you the best care and support?

Have you been in a hospital and the doctors, nurses, and the support staff make you feel secure and you are in good hands?

There are so many other situations, sometimes the patients are happy with the medical service, sometimes not. If you want to say your opinion, whatever it is, good or bad for your family doctor or specialist, the website is the best bet for it. So, thinking of medicine as any other business (this is kind of controversial) the costumers can rate and give stars to their physicians in the same way they can rate cell phones, laptops, air-conditioners, and any other products.

Good luck to the good doctors and sorry for the bad guys. The costumers will judge you now, and believe me it could be embarrassing.

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