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March 23, 2008
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Hand washing

Everybody knows how to wash her/his hands properly. Is that true? I thought it is, but when I did some kind of an experiment observing how people wash their hands in the library washroom, I changed my mind. So what is the statistic so far:

1. 25% of the students don’t wash their hands at all.

2. 25% wash their hands ONLY with water.

3. 49% use soap, but don’t wash thoroughly. And the funny thing is that all that people, after even not washing their hands are so conscious about unrolling the paper towels, so they have to use their elbows to do that. Funny!

4. 1% do it properly.

If you don’t want to be in the first 3 groups, see the proper way for washing your hands and start doing it.


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