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Internship and Clerkship

April 2, 2008

This is one of my old posts on prep4usmle forums. That time I was struggling to fill up my application for ECFMG correctly. ECFMG already sent me a letter that all my docs are OK, but hope some of you guys will clarify these terms better and help some other IMGs and usmle people with it:

1. What does the term clerkship mean and during which years of the medical education is? In Item 21 of the application form for ECFMG there is a lot of info to be filled out and I don’t even have that much information. So, I spoke to an ECFMG rep and she told me that clerkship is AKA rotations and this information can be left blank, if I don’t know it. It is not going to affect my application and the rest of the process. Is that true? I am asking that because I talked to a colleague IMG who said that he filled out all that info in his application and this is very important. Which one is correct?

2. What does the term Internship means and during which year of the medical education is? In my country we don’t have the term Internship. I guess and the ECFMG rep said pretty much the same information, that Internship is what we did during the 6 year after we finished the rotations. It was kind of rotations again with more practical aspect of the work.

How would you explain clerkship, rotation, and internship?

What is the difference between observership and externship?

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