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Save more than 40% on Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 3, and COMLEX Qbanks

April 7, 2008

Kaplan are still unbeaten with their textbooks material and courses, but the Kaplan Q-bank doesn’t show that much popularity compare to usmleworld. Kaplan Q-bank is also  more expensive. Now, Kaplan announced new prices which can increase their sales as an alternative of usmleworld. I have never used Kaplan, and have no idea how good the questions are.

Here is the rest of the information and the prices:

Lock in your price now and delay your start date up to 90 days!

Save time and money with Kaplan Medical’s Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 3, and COMLEX Qbanks. And study more efficiently with exam-like questions! Kaplan’s Qbanks will provide you with exactly what you need to be matched with your top-choice residency program.

Check out the new prices below and take all the extra time you need with our affordable extension rates:


1-Month $109
2-Month $149
3-Month $189
6-Month $329
12-Month $429

Kaplan’s new extension prices:†

1 Week – $35
2 Week – $50
1 Month – $70
2 Month – $120
3 Month – $160

Kaplan Qbanks offer the best value on the market today:

Step 1 Score Estimator: Get a prediction of your USMLE score based on your Qbank performance (coming soon for Step 2 CK Qbank).
reKap: Improve your understanding with summarized high-yield content.
Realistic Practice: Experience questions that look and act just like the real exam.
New Content: New questions created by Kaplan Medical’s expert faculty and reviewed by top-performing test takers.
Call 1-800-533-8850 now and lock in your price today!

Do you have any experience with Kaplan Q-bank recently? Is it a good option for the price? Please, share your experience.


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