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Tumor Grading and Dysplasia Grading

May 30, 2008

Tomorrow is Saturday, the day for a new post on USMLEMD. This time is one of my personal notes I used for Step 1, and I am going to use for step 2 as well. It is so important to know Step 1 material very well. It will save you so much time for the Step 2 preparation, despite the fact that Step 2 CK is not the “easy exam” anymore.

Tumor Grade–>Shows how much the tumor cells resemble normal cells of the same tissue type. Low grade tumor means regression of the cells and you can’t see (recognize) normal organelles.
MM: When somebody is poor (low class) and doesn’t have money in the bank account, nobody recognize this person.
The end point of the low grade is anaplasia-reversion of cells to an immature or a less differentiated form, as occurs in most malignant tumors.

Tumor Stage–>TNM system. Refers to the extent or severity of the cancer, based on factors such as the location of the primary tumor, tumor size, number of tumors, and lymph node involvement (spread of cancer into lymph nodes). Stage is more important for the prognosis.

So, now, be careful and check this out: dysplasia can be low grade and high grade. Ooops! Weren’t we talking about low and high grade tumors? Yes, we did, but when we talk about dysplasia and grades of dysplasia don’t even think about tumor grading. Why? Because low grade tumor is bad. How about dysplasia? Low grade is better.
Low grade dysplasia–>This means that there are some atypical changes but these changes do not involve most of the cells, and the growth pattern of the glands is still normal.
High grade dysplasia–>This is considered the most advanced dysplasia with atypical changes in many of the cells and a very abnormal growth pattern of the glands. In high-grade dysplasia, the growth pattern of the glands, or rows of cells, are distorted or very irregular.

I should be right in my understanding about the use of the term “grade” for tumors and for dysplasia. If you find any mistakes, please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. January 14, 2009 2:55 pm

    i have high grade dysplasia tumor in small intestin THANK YOU DAVE t

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