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Terminology Used to Describe Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

May 31, 2008

I always kind of know and later on forget these terms, so I decided that it will be handy if I have them on USMLEMD and regularly check them up.

Term Definition

Meno-rrhagia: Prolonged or excessive bleeding at regular intervals. Etymology: ModL < Gr mēn (gen. mēnos), month, moon + -rrhagia
Metro-rrhagia: Irregular, frequent uterine bleeding of varying amounts but not excessive (particularly between the expected menstrual periods). Etymology: New Latin, from metro- womb (from Greek mētra, from mētr-, mētēr mother) + -rrhagia
Meno-metro-rrhagia: Prolonged or excessive bleeding at irregular intervals (this term is a combination of the other two terms above.

Polymeno-rrhea: Regular bleeding at intervals of less than 21 days
Oligomeno-rrhea: Bleeding at intervals greater than every 35 days

Amenorrhea: No uterine bleeding for at least 6 months

Intermenstrual: Uterine bleeding between regular cycles


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