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Medical Facebook Groups Spam

August 18, 2008

For long period of time I was refusing to join Facebook knowing how much time it wastes. Finally I gave up and made an account last September. Since that time I didn’t used it very extensively and didn’t waste my time. I found useful just to keep quick track on some of my friends and co-workers.

I also joined a few of the medical groups. I even made my own group with close to 50 members, which is nothing compare to the rest of the groups having more than 1000 members. Recently I noticed increased amount of messages in my in-box, and most of them are not useful. 99% is medical spam. Today I even got a message with 2 of my own mnemonics. Here it is:

I don’t mind. These mnemonics and the rest of the materials on USMLEMD are free and everybody can use them. It is just funny when somebody sends you a private message with your own work.

Here are the two original post and the mnemonics:

1. Megaloblastic anemia mnemonic

2. Gout vs Pseudogout

Have you had similar experience with Facebook?

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  1. August 18, 2008 12:27 pm

    I have noticed that most groups on facebook are done for advertising and that sort of stuff. Similar things happen on YouTube too.

    The idea is simple. Because facebook has more than 70 million users and YouTube has 100s of millions of views, they are great sites for advertising.

    On YouTube you upload a silly video with some bizarre unique idea and in the title or video description you put your blog or site’s URL. And that way you have thousands of views to your site guaranteed.

    The same applies to Facebook groups and pages. You make a new group with the name of some celebrity or new event like 2008 Olympics. Thousands of people join the group. And of course you have your site’s URL posted on the top so you guarantee thousands of page views again.

    When you visit those sites that they are advertising on YouTube and Facebook you will find that they either promote a product or are full of Google Adsense units or other means of advertising.

    This is how most people make money on-line. I personally know one guy that runs about 50 blogs of this sort. And I heard of people that run more than a hundred.

  2. August 18, 2008 12:35 pm

    @Y.S.:I knew that something like this exists, but didn’t expect that it is that much.

    So, these people probably make a fortune from just spamming the web with their stupid stuff. How pity and silly at the same time, but it seems that it works well for them.

    There was an article in the news a few months ago, about a famous Russian spammer who was killed. This guy made 7 million dollars profit for 2007 year. Can you imagine that? You can’t make that much money as a doctor for 10 years even if you work your ass off.

  3. August 18, 2008 2:36 pm

    Some time ago I read, according to technorati dot com that there are about 70 million blogs in cyberspace at the moment!

    I am sure that most of them are useless. I am sure there are more than 20,000 Britney Spears blogs! One of the guys I told you about in my previous comment, if I remember correctly, works in finance or something like that. He runs like a 100 blogs about what ever thing there is to talk about. He has music blogs, how to make moeny online blogs, how to make a site blog, …, … you wont believe this one, he has a blog about LASIK procedures! The idea is that there are not that many blogs on that topic.

    He writes what ever he knows about the topic (imagine how much he knows!!) … he does some copy-past and re-writing work. He fills up the blog with Keywords, he does some SEO (search Engine Optimization) and BAM! he is on top in Google search results with 10,000s of visiters and thousands of clicks on his Google Adsense ads or what ever other Ads he has on his sites.


    That is why good content blogs should put their hands together so they can show up between all the garbage that is out there.

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