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Essential Surgical Care: a Clinical Procedures E-learning Kit

August 21, 2008

Coaptation splint

Coaptation splint

There are so many websites on Internet, but we always tend to use the same websites over and over again.

Well, today I was looking for “coaptation splint” which was part of UW question (by the way I answered correctly on this one, because of my almost 2 yrs trauma and ortho experience), when I discovered this excellent surgical guide. We all know clinicalcasesandimages website as a good example of guides for procedures,but steinergraphics is excellent too, with a lot of information in it. Give it a try and report in comments what you think about it. This is the link to the answer of the UW question, which was about the treatment of mid-shaft fracture of the humerus. Just 2 quick points for this type of fracture which also applies for other fractures of the large bones in the human body:

1. Always check neurovascular status.

2. Always evaluate the proximal and distal joint of the injured extremity.

essential surgical care [steinergraphics]

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