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Nootropics / smart drugs and USMLE studying

October 19, 2008

Smart drugs

Smart drugs

We all need to boost up our memory. USMLE is quite of a challenge for the memory even for the smartest people on Earth. Humans always try to find out the best medication or herb that can make you super smart. So far, the research doesn’t show something unbelievable, but by using some “smart drugs” you can probably increase with 2-5% your memory capabilities.

You can even see that ETHO is one of the drugs which can help your brain in the memorization process. Is it true? I don’t know.

I have never tried any of those meds and herbs. What I need for good studying is:

1. Enough sleep. If you have problems sleeping try to use ear plugs.

2. Good quality food, but not overeating.

3. Coffee, of course. I love coffee.

4. Quite, creative environment. Best choice is library, but not every library.

5. Concentration. Read more about “How to study in a library”.

Smart drugs and USMLE studying via Nootropics / smart drugs ?

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