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More Doctors for Ontario….really?

November 7, 2008

Few days ago, I noticed on one of the bus stops an ad for Curious, on the next day I googled and checked out the website. Nothing new under the sun. There is still huge shortage of doctors in Canada. New immigrants IMGs still come to this country with the hope that one day they will be eligible to practise medicine. Most of them (I don’t know the exact percentage) still stay without residency and work as taxi drivers, PSW, factory workers, and other professions not suitable for their former education, despite the fact that they passed all the requirements and are certified.  Probably some of our colleagues didn’t know the truth about the canadian licensing process. The doors are closed and won’t be open soon.

I am not saying that studying for USMLE and finding a residency in the USA is easy, but the chances are way more compare to the MCC and the funny residency process CARMS in Canada.

Anyways, I looked at and voted. Not that I expect something to change, but…just for the vote.

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