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MedStudentNotes – Free Medical Student Notes and More At

April 23, 2009

I am very busy w/ reading about the match, trying to get an observership/externship, collecting information and books for Step 3, and didn’t have enough time to go trough the entire website, but from what I’ve read I can tell that there is a lot of useful information mostly in the notes page. The rest of the pages are not yet completed, but as we know it takes time to build a decent website. More infor about medstudentnotes:

The Website..

The Website is a free online resource for medical students. Its intended use is as a revision aid in conjunction with the other elements of an undergraduate medical course and the referenced literature.

How It Started..

My idea for MedStudentNotes was to create easily navigated, expandable pages providing free access to core medical knowledge. By teaching myself web design I was able to put the concept into practice and persuade Paul to team up with me. Working successfully together we continue to develop our site and add new content. we now have many authors and we would like to thank them all in addition to those friends who offered advice and help along the way.

MedStudentNotes – Free Medical Student Notes and More At

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  1. June 14, 2009 9:58 pm

    kindly provide medicine note for preparation of entrance exa

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