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Jeff Mann Web Site–medical guidemaps

April 27, 2009

I came across this website when I was browsing for good medical guidemaps and algorithms. The step 2 ck exam is heavily loaded w/ questions like what is the next best step, the next nest treatment, or the next best step in management (which can be anything). Making good algorithms is very important to ace on step 2 ck. I didn’t make enough and had problems on the exam.

The information on this website is a bit too much, so just browse through the material and pick up only the important points for you. More about the website:

I started this new website in March 2005.

Its main purpose is to host my soapbox essays. My soapbox essays are critical essays that are mainly focused on reviewing/analysing randomised controlled trials (RCTs) in order to demonstrate weaknesses/flaws in the design and interpretation of RCTs. My latest essays are at the top of the list. My oldest essays are at the the bottom of the list — some of them express opinions which I no longer hold, or opinions which reflect my limited EBM knowledge of earlier years.

I have also decided to host my medical guidemaps on this website. Please note that i) I am retired and I am no longer practicing clinical medicine and ii) I am no longer revising the guidemaps. Therefore, the guidemaps should be perceived to be outdated. I personally suspect that my neuro-ophthalmology guidemaps will remain clinically relevant, even though I am no longer updating those guidemaps.

Jeff Mann. MD.

Jeff Mann Web Site.

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