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Predicting performance using background characteristics of IMGs in an inner-city University

July 21, 2009

IMGs constitute about a third of the United States US internal medicine graduates. US residency training programs face challenges in selection of IMGs with varied background features.

However data on this topic is limited. We analyzed whether any pre-selection characteristics of IMG residents in our internal medicine program are associated with selected outcomes, namely competency based evaluation, examination performance and success in acquiring fellowship positions after graduation.Methods: We conducted a retrospective study of 51 IMGs at our ACGME accredited teaching institution between 2004 and 2007.

Background resident features namely age, gender, self-reported ethnicity, time between medical school graduation to residency pre-hire time, USMLE step I &II clinical skills scores, pre-GME clinical experience, US externship and interest in pursuing fellowship after graduation expressed in their personal statements were noted. Data on competency-based evaluations, in-service exam scores, research presentation and publications, fellowship pursuance were collected.

via Predicting performance using background characteristics of International Medical Graduates in an inner-city University-Affiliated Internal Medicine Residency Training Program – 7thSpace Interactive.

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