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Google Flu Trends | Canada

October 10, 2009
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I noticed that Canada, and especially Toronto as one of the most multinational cities in the world is hit by the flu very severely almost every year. Remember the SARS, the bird flu, and now the swine flu. Toronto is the best place for all the different viruses from all over the world to have a meeting and exchange some genetic material, straighten up themselves, and discuss the strategy for the next flu epidemy or pandemy. In my opinion there should be very strict precocious measures for people who experience even mild symptoms of cold / flu. These people must stay home, otherwise they can spread the viruses in the metro, workplaces, hospitals, schools, everywhere. Isn’t ironic, the humans, the most intelligent and powerful species on the planet get busted up by this tiny particles called viruses. It is a good timing to think about who really rules this world, and be a bit more tolerant to each other and the other species leaving together with us on Earth.

Google Flu Trends | Canada.

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