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The ultimate medical mnemonics database

October 15, 2009


It is about time to introduce my other project Mnemocine. Actually, this website has been on Internet since June 2008, but I work on it slowly and that’s why I didn’t want to introduce it earlier. The first name of the website was ExTremish, but later on the name was changed to Mnemocine. ExTremish has had some very good reviews in other blogs such as scienceroll (the blog of the famous Medicine 2.0 pioneer Bertalan Mesco, @Berci), and also on twitter. Even the medical guru blogger Ves Dimov, @DrVes from clincialcases mentioned ExTremish in his tweets.

It has been a dream of mine to have a website with collection of medical mnemonics. The idea is to have only the best medical mnemonics. That’s why so far I am the administrator and moderator of the website, trying to select medical mnemonics that make sense. I know, that there are plenty of mnemonics on the net, but they are not organized well, and the good medical mnemonics can’t be find among the rest of the clutter.

Don’t hesitate to send your mnemonics to Mnemocine, using the “submit a mnemonic” form.

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