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Scramble 2010 news

March 4, 2010

This is the email I received from NRMP:

TO: Applicants in the 2010 Main Residency Match

The NRMP has received numerous phone calls from applicants asking about for-profit services that claim to send unmatched applicants’ applications to unfilled programs during the Match Week Scramble. The NRMP is a not-for-profit organization that does not cooperate with or condone the use of these services, and we do not provide them with the List of Unfilled Programs. Moreover, many residency program directors have told the NRMP that they do not review applications sent by these services because they clog email inboxes and telephone and fax lines.

We believe the NRMP is the only organization with reliable information about which positions are available during the Scramble, and that information is available free-of-charge to all unmatched applicants. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Our best wishes for a successful Match!
NRMP Staff

And this is the other email from electronicresidency:

Attn: 2010 Residency Applicants

NRMP© has recently addressed a second reminder not to use services that participate in the transmission of unsolicited entire applications on Scramble day. If you are currently not enrolled in the Scramble introduction system, be advised that other services could practice the transmission of full applications by fax and email in an unsolicited manner to the unfilled programs.

We understand that many applicants tend to make such mistakes of sending full applications, because they are limited to ONLY 45 applications by the official application service (ERAS©). As quoted on the ERAS© Website “30 new programs and 15 reapply programs is an absolute maximum — applicants will not be able to apply to more than that during the Scramble period, even if you are willing to pay a fee to do so. Choose wisely!
Therefore, the applicants are limiting their chances of scrambling and actually finding a residency on Scramble day. We urge the applicants to utilize their 45 ERAS© applications selectively and rely on a service that provides you with an appropriate introduction system such as

If you are choosing a Scramble service, please inquire about these two questions:

1. Are you sending my application to the NRMP© unfilled list only?
If yes, then applicants should be aware that this service maybe using the unfilled list in an unlawful manner. Applicants should not share the unfilled list with anyone or any service, otherwise they would be committing an NRMP© violation.

2. Are you sending my entire application by fax and email?
If yes, then this service will certainly cause an unavoidable fax and email service clogs, which NRMP© has warned against numerous times. This can be avoided if the service transmits a single one page introduction. DO NOT allow the transmission of your entire application on Scramble day, programs’ faxes and emails can’t support and handle such aggressive application submission.

Since 2004, Electronic Residency has committed to follow the recommendations from the official services. This allows applicants to transmit a more efficient and a considerate one page introduction on Scramble day which does not cause fax and email service clogs. Residency programs will have the option to OPT out fax and email transmissions, insuring that the faxes and emails transmitted are welcomed. Furthermore, we have provided Residency programs with an excellent alternative to faxes and emails which is to select applicants directly from our’s database, without them having to search for your fax or email.


For more information we urge you to call us at 216-201-9696 or visit our office in Hudson, OH for further inquiries.

Best regards,

Electronic Residency | Support
77 Milford Dr. Suite 201 | Hudson, OH 44236
Ph: (216) 201-9696 | Fax: (212) 419-9477

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