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Medical templates — how to make your life during residency a bit easier

July 31, 2010

We all know how difficult is to follow so many different parameters such as lab values (at admission, previous, and most recent), images (at admission, previous, and most recent), medications (at home, previous in the hospital, and most recent), other admissions, consults, etc. On the top of this, we need to be very fast in HPI, PE, writing the consult or progress notes, and dictating.

Well, I have done with my first rotation. What have I noticed so far. Our work as Interns to big extend is a pattern. In general this pattern is very stable, but of course like any other system in nature, there are times when the pattern can change. Anyways, the most important thing is that if you have a system and follow certain rules, you can manage pretty well your time and be on the top of anything that happens not only in the unit but in the whole hospital.

So, I decided to start collecting websites with medical templates such as HPI, PE, SOAP notes, that can help me to improve my speed and performance. In general I also tend to make some changes to a template, which makes it more personal and easy to use.

These are the websites and links I have found so far. Feel free to add some in the comments.

1. Medfools.

2. Free patient medical tracking forms.



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  1. August 20, 2010 11:21 pm

    Hi dokidok,

    Nice to see your residency experience is doing great. Keep it up and have a great time. Keep in touch


    • January 29, 2012 4:20 pm

      Thank you askdoc. Hope you are doing well too with your online course.

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